Avion method : Explanation

Budget ?

This method requires a large initial investment, and is therefore intended for large budgets (over 100,000 coins).

Which players to use?

Use players who are most used on FUT and have a purchase price between 5,000 and 10,000 coins. Avoid special players (IF, SIF, etc.) because they are more likely to price changes.

How it works ?

Purchase your player at his minimum market price with at least 6 contracts and 90 fitness and put it in an appropriate chemistry and 99 contracts to resell it between 2000 and 5000 coins more than the purchase price by counting any investments made (chemistry, fitness and contracts).

As for the Crezip - FUT Millionaire method, you list your players 1 hour so that your players appear most often in the first pages of the results. A hurried buyer will see your card, certainly more expensive than the others, but with 99 contracts, 99 fitness and a chemistry. He will be more tempted to buy it.


Here we start with a profit target of 3000 coins.

Tip for contracts

For this method you will have to apply many contracts to the players. To save money, you need to buy several gold trainers and store them in your club in order to have a + 50% contract modifier. Thus, applying a rare gold contract will increase the card by 42 contracts instead of 28 ! A rare gold coach will bring + 3%, a non-rare gold + 1%. You should also know that each coach must be different.

Tip for fitness

Do not hesitate to buy players even if they do not have an excellent fitness. You then group these players into a team and apply a team element. A single team card will make you increase the form of 23 players (11 incumbents, 7 substitutes, 5 reservists). This will prevent you from applying a player shape element on each player.